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BLACKROLL® POSTURE 2.0 - Posture Brace

BLACKROLL® POSTURE 2.0 - Posture Brace

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Back brace for a better posture

  • The posture brace facilitates optimal upright posture to aid in preventing neck and back pain.
  • Height-adjustable back element and cushioned belt for customised comfort
  • No slipping, thanks to a rear belt clip
  • Suitable for everyday use – at the office, home, driving or while exercising. Almost Invisible underneath your shirt
  • Available in 2 sizes for an optimised fit. Unisex

New: POSTURE 2.0 - posture brace for even more individual comfort

Sitting in front of a computer all day can have negative consequences: Your shoulders roll forward and your spine becomes excessively curved in the thoracic region. This posture brace, an improved version of the BLACKROLL® POSTURE prevents this by reminding you to keep your shoulders back and your spine properly aligned. The textile material provides gentile encouragement but not too much support so that your muscles still have to do the work, become stronger and more active in the process.

Customised comfort with the new posture brace

The adjustable back element allows the posture brace to be individually adjusted and thus ensures a high level of wearing comfort. The padded straps make it comfortable to wear and the belt clips in the back prevent the strap from slipping.

The POSTURE 2.0 is available in 2 different sizes. The two available sizes (S/M/L and XL/XXL) are based on common clothing sizes.

 Posture Brace size guide

Discrete for everyday use

The posture brace can be worn simply under or over clothing and is suitable for everyday use - whether in the office, at home, while driving or while exercising. The unisex design and fit allows men and women equally to wear the back brace.


Talk to your doctor or therapist before using the POSTURE 2.0 if you have an acute back or neck injury. The POSTURE 2.0 is not suitable for children under 12 years of age.


80% Nylon, 15% Cotton, 5% Elastane



Wear the POSTURE 2.0 back brace over a T-Shirt or any other base layer. First adjust the regulatory system on the back to desired size/intensity and close the velcro leash. Put the posture brace on like a jacket by slipping the arms through the openings. Adjust the size with the velcro straps. Tighten the POSTURE 2.0 so that two fingers can fit between your shoulder and the strap. You purposely won ́t find a size scale on the posture brace. Adjust the back brace in a way you feel comfortable wearing it. In any case, it should not feel uncomfortable. When you are standing upright, you should barely feel the back brace. When your shoulders are slouching forward, you should feel a slight pull. This is a reminder to stand tall and pull your shoulders backward.


Start by wearing the posture brace for short periods of time. Increase the time when your muscles are getting stronger. Note that wearing the back brace should never feel uncomfortable. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: This Product is covered by our 100% SATISFACTION AND MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Size & Weight

  • BLACKROLL® POSTURE 2.0 for sizes S/M/L (102 g)
  • BLACKROLL® POSTURE 2.0 for size XL/XXL (120 g)
  • 12.5 cm x 4 cm x 18 cm

Scope of Delivery

1 x BLACKROLL® POSTURE 2.0 in your selected size 


80% nylon, 15% cotton, and 5% elastane 


WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO USE MY BLACKROLL® POSTURE? Initially, the best way to use your POSTURE is for a short time, for about an hour at a time, since untrained muscles can easily become strained and muscle pain will result. (If you loosen your POSTURE, you can wear it longer.) The frequency of use of POSTURE (stronger extension and longer periods with your POSTURE) can be increased over time once the muscles are in better shape and good posture becomes more natural even when not wearing POSTURE. Once your body has achieved good posture without help, you can reduce the use of POSTURE (more gentle extension and shorter periods wearing your POSTURE).   

HOW ELSE CAN I IMPROVE MY POSTURE? POSTURE is no substitute for training your muscles by regular back strength exercises. It is only a supplement.   

HOW TIGHTLY SHOULD I ADJUST MY POSTURE? Your POSTURE should be adjusted to the point that pleasant stretching reminds you of your posture, but without stressing your muscles to the point of discomfort or pain. For short periods of time, you can also adjust your POSTURE to tighter positions.  

MY POSTURE CHAFES AND FEELS UNPLEASANT? Try to wear your POSTURE over a thin top. But your POSTURE may also be adjusted too tightly. Try it for shorter intervals or with a more comfortable tightness. Once your muscles start to work harder on their own to hold your shoulder back, the uncomfortable chafing will stop. Think about letting your own muscles work instead of the elastic band.   

HOW DO I WASH MY POSTURE? POSTURE can be washed with like colors in the washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius.   

HOW IS POSTURE'S QUALITY GUARANTEED? Chiropractors, physical therapists, and athletes collaborated on the development and function of POSTURE. When used correctly (in intervals), POSTURE is good for your health. It exerts gentle pressure to guide your shoulders to the correct position instead of relaxing the muscles. This allows you to train both your posture musculature and muscle memory, getting assistances in finding the right posture. Muscle memory helps the body return to a healthy posture on its own more easily.   

WHEN SHOULD I NOT USE POSTURE? If you have back or neck pain, ask your doctor of physical therapist before using POSTURE. Children under 12 years of age should not use POSTURE.  

Product Information

  • Designed in Sweden
  • Made in China 

User Manual


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

It does the job, but is very uncomfortable to wear. It sit so high in your armpits that you can't lower your arms...

joshua Fletcher

I would just have the shoulder straps slightly wider, well not the actual pad, but the pad is only as wide as the brace it covers as it wraps around it.

Dan J

Great product, high quality, although unfortunately I purchased the wrong size and its a little too tight