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The BLACKROLL® Academy offers BLACKROLL® Education, Workshops and Team Training in Australia.

Want to learn more? In 2017, we’ve got exciting new workshops, trainings & education programs in store, so get involved and join the BLACKROLL® movement!

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast wanting to get the most out of your training, or a health or fitness professional wanting accreditation, or if you want to end up on top of the ladder in your competition, or if you want to learn simple ways to sustainably reduce muscle pain, we have courses available for you.

Learn how to train the fascia and apply functional training methods using BLACKROLL® products. We’ve created inspiring, full-body training methods suitable for people of all ages and sports levels and professions.

Following categories are on offer:

BLACKROLL® Workshops

BLACKROLL® Team Training

Certified BLACKROLL® Trainer course


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