Upcoming Educations

Collection: Upcoming Educations

We are excited to be part of the Adelaide FitEd Fitness Convention on Saturday April 10th 2021. We will be able to run the BLACKROLL Certified Trainer Education Course for the first time in 2021 at this Covid save event.
The COVID-19 has been changing our lives very rapidly - Unfortunately, we had to cancel or postpone many events. But we are currently working to organise events again in 2021.

However, we are available for any of your inquiries and specific questions on how you can contribute to your health with fascia training.
Online Educations
Our goal is to keep everyone fit, healthy and pain-free. We want to support you to stay active + recover + take care of your body even if our usual fitness, sports or training activities are currently restricted due to social distancing or isolation.
Going forward, we will regularly offer inspiration for movement and workouts via our communication channels. We will also soon be offering online training and education events that you can join anywhere in the world.
Furthermore, we will be able to share with you exciting health specials and collaborations featuring science, sports medicine, sleep, and nutrition experts.

Stay tuned and remember... KEEP ROLLING

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