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BLACKROLL® APP Fascia Training BLACKROLL® APP Fascia Training

  • Are you currently using our BLACKROLL® products but search for various applications and uses?
  • Do you not only want to roll, but also strive to do functional workouts with our products?
  • Do you want to support the treatment and prevention of specific pains or afflictions yourself?

…Then our new BLACKROLL® APP is your optimal choice!  - Introduce more mobility, better health, and performance into your daily life.

Within this the BLACKROLL® FASCIA TRAINING APP you will find versatile and highly-efficient exercises: 

  • Self-massage treatments
  • Recovery and regeneration training
  • Functional training how-tos
  • Filtered workouts by each body part
  • Specific moves and sequences tailored to each BLACKROLL® product


Fascia Training & Roller Exercises

Regardless of your level of fitness, fascial training/foam rolling exercises will give you a number of benefits. Using fascia training tools, such as BLACKROLL® rollers, and BLACKROLL® balls and blocks will help you relieve pain in the muscles and soft tissue and can enhance your sports performance and fitness. Whether you are a professional athlete or you rarely workout, using BLACKROLL® rollers and tools for Self Myofascial Treatment (SMT) and functional training will have positive results when done correctly.

Benefits of roller exercises & functional fascia training

Using BLACKROLL® rollers and tools for recovery and fascia training have a number of benefits:

  • Pain relief – Rolling and trigger point therapy can help relieve pain in the back, shoulders, neck, legs, IT band, feet, hips, buttocks, chest and more. All BLACKROLL® tools are specially engineered to effectively treat delicate fascia without causing further pain or injury.
  • Muscle & soft tissue regeneration – Using rollers and fascia training tools will help speed up post-workout regeneration of your muscles and soft tissues throughout your body. In addition to speeding up muscle regeneration, rolling workouts also help to stimulate the skin; improving circulation and reducing cellulite.
  • Improved mobility – Foam roller exercise is an easy, effective way to improve your mobility and flexibility. BLACKROLL® rollers and fascia training tools are endorsed by health professionals and athletes worldwide for their ability to safely improve mobility in your muscles and connective tissues.
  • Enhanced sports & activity performance – Functional training and physiotherapy treatment with exercise rollers and balls will help you improve strength in your core, pelvis, shoulder girdle, and other major muscle groups while improving balance and coordination, and reducing the chances of injury or muscle tears. Training with BLACKROLL® can improve your performance in sports, as well as yoga, pilates, and day-to-day activities.

BLACKROLL® Exercises

Want a complete book of fascia fitness information and applications? Check out our book “Functional Fascial Training with BLACKROLL®”

Check out these videos for a step-by-step walkthrough of some key BLACKROLL® workouts. Want some help figuring out which fascia training tool is best for your needs?

Learn which fascial training tool is right for you now.

Part 1: Preparation, recovery, and self-myofascial release

Download DVD here

Part 2 - Functional training, movement, core strength

BLACKROLL® products can be used by people of all ages and abilities for the following applications:
  • For self-massage
  • For recovery
  • For functional training
  • With various BLACKROLL® products
  • For each body part: feet (plantar fascia), calves, upper leg and thighs, glutes, lower and upper back, torso and sides, shoulders, neck, and lower and upper arms.


BLACKROLL® are different from other fascia training tools and regular “foam rollers.”

Our products are made of different materials than standard foam rollers on the market; all BLACKROLL® tools are made of a high quality, durable polypropylene, which was specifically developed with the fascia in mind to remove pain and strengthen fascia safely and effectively.

  • Developed by experts to treat, heal, and improve fascia and soft tissue
  • No propellants or added chemicals
  • Made of stable, high-quality polypropylene (PP5) with energy efficient production
  • 100% recyclable
  • Winner of the German Physio Prize “product with the greatest range of benefits for its users”
  • Endorsed by health professionals and athletes around the world
  • Trusted by physiotherapists for trigger point therapy, massage, and myofascial release


Have you got questions about self-myofascial release (SMR) tools and how to use a foam roller for exercise? Get in touch with our experienced team today!