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    Would you like to train with bands at home?
    This SET offers the perfect tool selection for a  resistance-based exercise and workout routine. With these tools, you can bring the gym or movement studio into the comfort of your home. Start your home workout now!

    The set includes:

    LOOP BAND SET - fabric resistance bands (3x small training bands, 32cm)

    SUPER BAND SET - fitness bands (3x training bands, 104cm)

    Especially in times when your usual fitness, sports or training activities are unavailable or restricted it is even more important to stay active, train, regenerate and take care of your body.

    The solution is FITNESS AT HOME! 

    Working out from home is easy and inexpensive and it is good for your immune system!


    The BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND SET completes your workout set and it is a real innovation for the fitness and resistance band market. It is especially designed to train and activate smaller muscle chains with the purpose of injury prevention due to improved strength, stability, and proprioception. At the same time you are able to target and train muscles and tissues that usually would not be activated regularly during your favourite sports or workout sessions. The fitness bands are only 32cm long which makes them very portable and they can be used for a vast array of exercises and even stretches. 
    The LOOP BAND SET includes 3 bands - orange (light resistance), green (medium resistance) and blue (strong resistance) and caters for different workout types and intensities.
    The fabric makes our bands very comfortable, long lasting and hygienic. The bands do not roll up, pull hair or pinch your skin. They are washable at 60°C and the latex free interwoven natural rubber does not create a worry for people with allergies. The huge variety of LOOP BAND exercises don’t usually use much space, therefore the bands are a great and essential addition to your home gym. 


    The BLACKROLL® SUPER BANDS - fitness bands are an enrichment for functional and resistance training at the gym and at home.
    The tear-resistant, elastic and extremely durable fitness bands were developed for all resistance training applications. The washable, skin friendly material feels very soft and comfortable and prevents the BANDS from slipping or rolling.
    With specific band assisted or resistance training of core, back and shoulders your general strength, posture, mobility and joint stability can be improved. The SUPER BAND SET includes 3 bands - orange (light resistance), green (medium resistance) and blue (strong resistance) and caters for different workout types and intensities. You can randomly combine the three different BANDS for a large resistance variety.
    BLACKROLL Bands Strength and Force

    With the HOME WORKOUT SET you have the perfect product selection on hand to start an intense or relaxed holistic, functional and effective training at home. If you need inspiration for exercises, have a look at the free BLACKROLL® APP and also our website and social media channels which currently all evolve around our STAY FIT & HEALTY AT HOME feature.

    And of course, feel free to share your ideas with us and the world on your channels by adding the #blackrollathome tag…