Not just foam rollers

  • BLACKROLL® offers a new experience in functional and fascia training, delivering unsurpassed quality through German engineering & long-lasting polypropylene products. 
  • Our foam rollers, massage balls, and Self Myofascial Release (SMR) tools and equipment help you get the best results for myofascial release & functional training.

Originating from Germany in 2007, BLACKROLL® products are a highly respected range of myofascial release and fascia training tools and the first of its kind to focus on the health, fitness, rehab and sports industry as well as engaging in fascia research. Foam rollers often suffer a poor reputation due to lack of quality. BLACKROLL® ‘s products however were designed to last and always filled the quality gap in the market – They quickly gained popularity throughout the European market for self-myofascial release.

Improving your health through better mobility, movement & fitness

BLACKROLL® fascia training products allow you to work on both mobility & strength. The two main components are:

  • Self-Myofascial Release (SMR): for increased mobility, flexibility, muscle recovery, injury prevention and treatment
  • Functional Training: for improved core, pelvic and shoulder girdle strength, coordination and balance

BLACKROLL® is not just about massaging muscles. BLACKROLL® enhances the health of our fascia by rolling the fascia (SMR) and with movement exercises to strengthen and balance muscles and joints (Functional Training). Both these activities encourage a healthier fascia that is smoother, more flexible, stronger, bouncier, hydrated and well supplied with essential nutrients.

Want to know more about fascia? See our fascia information page here


The award-winning, sports medical professionals’ choice

In 2009, BLACKROLL® was awarded the prestigious German physio prize for “product with the greatest range of benefits for its users”.  Sports medicine professionals, such as doctors and physiotherapists were soon to learn the benefits of BLACKROLL® products for treating fascia related muscle and joint pain, connective tissue problems, tendinitis issues, and more.

Since 2012, the sports and therapeutic fraternity have also embraced the range, and after much collaboration with experts in the medical field, newer products have evolved for more specific medical needs.



Why use BLACKROLL® Tools?

Not only are our eco-friendly BLACKROLL® tools a class above the competitors due to their quality, high production standards, and chemical free PP5 materials, but they also provide impressive benefits to your physical health:

  • Radically improve mobility, flexibility & athletic performance
  • Strengthen health and immune system
  • Profoundly improve proprioception, coordination, skills and functional strength
  • Prevent injuries, pain & muscle strain through overuse
  • Regain pain free movement
  • Increase blood circulation and help regenerate muscle tissue for faster recovery
  • Stimulate the skin, improve circulation and Reducing cellulite

We care about the environment!

All our tools are made in Germany under the strictest quality control in our energy-efficient laboratory, All products are:

  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% recyclable
  • energy efficient production
  • 100% chemical free (natural product).


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