• BLACKROLL® Fascia Training Tools are different from other foam rollers and self myofascial release (SMR) products. Our rollers, balls, trigger point tools, bands, and posture aids have been designed by health professionals to gently and effectively relax your fascia and reduce muscle tension.
  • Unlike most foam rollers, our equipment is made of high quality, durable polypropylene (PP5) and come in different densities based on your level of experience and desired results.
  • Our entire range of fascia training tools has been developed and engineered in Germany to safely massage and condition your fascia and muscles.

Which BLACKROLL® product is right for me?

For the best results, you need the best equipment. BLACKROLL® have a range of foam rollers and trigger point balls in varied densities for almost any application. Learn more about densities and applications.



Why Use Self Myofascial Release (SMR) tools?

  • Improve mobility, flexibility, athletic performance, and fitness
  • Better proprioception, coordination, and functional strength
  • Decrease injuries, pain & muscle strain due to overuse
  • Reduce muscle damage and chronic pain in the body
  • Regain movement and mobility
  • Increase blood circulation and speed muscle tissue regeneration for faster recovery
  • Stimulate skin, improve circulation, reduce cellulite


We sell fascia training tools, not foam rollers. BLACKROLL® stands for fascial training which is more than just foam rolling. “Foam rolling” is a word introduced by the retail industry who started manufacturing rollers made from foam which is less effective for myofascial treatment as they were designed without appreciation or knowledge of fascia.

Our products are actually different (and made of different materials) than most foam rollers. Our tools are not made of foam but of a high quality, durable polypropylene (PP5) material, which has been developed to safely and effectively remove pain and treat your fascia.

In addition to our BLACKROLL® rollers, we have other fascial training tools that are trusted by health professionals worldwide to relieve pain and improve your body’s health. BLACKROLL® benefits:

  • Developed by fascia experts
  • Treats and improves fascia
  • No added chemicals or propellants
  • Completely recyclable
  • High-quality long-lasting polypropylene (PP5)
  • Winner of the German Physio Prize “product with the greatest range of benefits for its users”
  • Endorsed by international health professionals and athletes
  • Used by Physiotherapists for trigger point therapy, massage, and myofascial release
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

How to use

There are a variety of uses and applications for BLACKROLL® rollers and fascia training tools.

 Whether you’re using the products to recover and regenerate with self-massage, trigger point therapy, and Self Myofascial Treatment or to workout with functional training, movement, and core strength exercises, BLACKROLL® will enhance your fitness regime.

BLACKROLL® products are versatile and can be used by all regardless of physical fitness; our products are used and approved by everyone from elite athletes to people who do minimal exercise.

For specific SMR and training exercises and videos, check out our App and Fascia Training Exercises.