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BLACKROLL® Workshops

As part of the BLACKROLL® Academy we are offering our

BLACKROLL® Functional Fascia Training - Workshop

This workshop is aimed at sports and fitness enthusiasts as well as less active people who’d like to learn how to effectively train the fascia and increase functional fitness in order to improve performance or just general well-being.


The ideal time frame for our workshop is 2.5 hours, but we can tailor a suitable workshop concept for your available time frame and audience.

Workshop Outline:

Warm up (movement and breathing exercises with the BLACKROLL)

Theory part (presentation) with the following content:

  • Muscles and Fascia
  • Functionality and Sustainable Pain Relief -  A Holistic Concept
  • Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) an important part of Fascia Training
  • Functional Fascia Training

Exercises with emphasizes on correct technique:

  • Movement
  • SMR
  • Functional Training

The perfect audience for this workshop is 20-40 people.

The workshop can be held in gyms, club facilities, medical clinics, corporate facilities or schools and can be tailored to the relevant audience. We would love to organise a workshop with you too!

For enquiries please contact us:


or phone +61 403 460 676


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