Get Surfing with BLACKROLL®


What could possibly be better than dropping down the face and feeling the power of the wave? What if we could help you prepare for and recover after a big surf session? At BLACKROLL® Australia we can assist you in preventing tension that can lead to injury over the long term and restrict you during the session.   

We have comprised some exercises that are specific to surfers, that will help you keep mobile and prevent injury. They'll not only let you surf longer and more often, but they will give you the flexibility to stick into deep barrels and land big turns.

Please note: These exercises are even more effective when equipping your BLACKROLL® with the BOOSTER our vibrating roller.





The upper thighs or quads are under a lot of tension when surfing. This exercise helps to loosen the muscles and release the tissue adhesions to recover quickly and stay flexible in the long term. 
Use the:

What to do:
  • Start in a plank position with the BLACKROLL® under your left upper thigh,  just above your knee.
  • Roll your left upper thigh out by pushing yourself over the roller.
  • Stay on pain points for about 15 seconds, but make sure the pain doesn't cross the so-called 'good pain' threshold.
  • Then switch sides.




For dynamic turns when surfing, you upper back has to stay loose. This exercise will help.
Use the:

What to do:
  • Stand with your back to the wall. Place the BLACKROLL®  between the wall and your back above the hips.
  • Roll by bending and stretching your legs up and down. You can vary the intensity with active pressure of your back against the DUOBALL.





    Surfers often complain of stiff shoulders and tension. This exercise is good for shoulder mobilisation. 
    Use the: 

    What to do:
    • Stand with your back to the wall. Place the BLACKROLL® between the wall and your back, just above your shoulder blades.
    • Lift your arms to shoulder height at your sides and bend your elbow 90 degrees.
    • Exert active pressure with your upper body on the BLACKROLL® and stretch your arms up along the wall at constant pressure. Then move your outstretched arms to the sides and back down in a circular motion.
    • Place the BLACKROLL® a little lower and repeat the exercise.






      The chest muscles contract often when surfing, especially during the take off. Keep these tissues flexible with the following movements.
      Use the: 

      • BLACKROLL® BALL and

      What to do:

      • Position the BLACKROLL® BALL below the clavicle and hold it in place with the BLACKROLL® BLOCK. Hold the BLOCK with both hands on the notches.
      • Exert constant pressure with the BLOCK on the BALL and roll your entire chest region with circular, oscillating movements. 
      • Stay on hot spots for about 10 seconds then switch sides.
      • Alternatively you can complete this exercise without the BLOCK, using your hands.