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The BLACKROLL® Australia Team

It all started with a simple black roll in Germany. A few smart fitness and medical professionals put their heads together and came up with a simple device with the potential to change training and rehabilitation forever.

Today millions of people from young to old, athletes to pensioners are using myofascial release tools every day, eager to improve their personal level of fitness and performance by training their fascia.

Our team is privileged to bring BLACKROLL® with all the extensive scientific background and of course the innovative quality product and training range to Australia.

Learn more about our team who all have their own passions and life adventures. What brings them together though is that they all have seen the potential in BLACKROLL® to improve the way they move and more important the huge potential BLACKROLL® offers to be that most simple but highly effective tool that they can use to help other people to achieve their goals like improving health, fitness, wellbeing and life in general.


This is who they are:

Chris Heppeler (Director and Certified BLACKROLL® Trainer)

Chris has a passion for and skills in many sports. He loves to be active and on the move all the time no matter if out in nature, in the gym or on a pitch playing team sports. In order to keep him going he discovered BLACKROLL® as the most simple and effective way to prepare and recover before and after activities. Excited by the concept he made use of his education and business experience and established BLACKROLL® Australia

Chris has a Honours Degree in Business Administration / Sales / Marketing and Logistics and has throughout his professional career accumulated extensive experience in the relevant business procedures to manage and run the business. Besides that he has worked as qualified snowboard instructor, soccer coach and holds a certificate as BLACKROLL® trainer

Leigh Whitehead (Head of Training / Master Trainer)

Leigh is a highly qualified coach with over 10 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. Graduating from Australian Institute of Fitness in the beginning with honors as a Master Trainer and going on to study strength & conditioning with ASCA, movement & fascial anatomy via private study, tutors and mentors, including trips to Europe to learn from some of Germany’s leading fascia reaserchers & educators. Leigh, daily divides his time between his role as owner and head coach of several F45 training studios, his own practice, Sustainable Human Movement and most favoured, our head of training.
Besides following his passions surfing, skating, skiing all things outdoors and playing with his son, his goal in life is to provide other people this the learning and practice to improve their ability to move and sustainably improve their health, fitness and performance.

Max Widnig (Brand Development/ Certified BR + BR MOVES Trainer)

Max has a passion for board sports and bodyweight training. He loves being outside, enjoying life and nature as well as being active all day long. He was a professional snowboarder in Austria and now he is into skateboarding. He first got in touch with BLACKROLL® after an ankle injury. The BLACKROLL® helped him to recover fast and to gain mobility again. Following, fascia and functional training became part of his everyday life, mostly to be able to perform best at his sports. He completed the BLACKROLL ® Trainer and BLACKROLL ® MOVES educations to spread the overwhelming benefits of using the BLACKROLL® as a certified Trainer. During his studies in Vienna, Austria he did workshops and fascia trainings in parks and he could finish the Master's degree in Sports Equipment Technology in 2018.
He has joined the BLACKROLL® Australia-Team to make the  BLACKROLL® internationally accessible.

MARVIN BAUMEISTER (The BLACKROLL go to person in Queensland)

Marvin is a legend in the world of kite surfing and amongst the fastest kite racers in the world, pushing limits every day. His passion for speed has taught him besides kite surfing many other fun things like motor bike racing, snowboarding, SUPing and therefore he always has a reason to keep fit and healthy. BLACKROLL® has become an important part of his training schedule and since he is on the road all the time he became our go to man and point of contact especially in the QLD area, but really where ever he turns up in Australia. He can point you in the right direction with your product or training enquiry. In his own business "In The Loop" based in Townsville QLD that includes a board store and the organisation of fitness and adventure activities he is also offering BLACKROLL® classes and product sales.

REGAN SARGEANT (MMA, Combat and Mobility specialist)

Regan studied extensively in a wide range of martial arts disciplines including Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Muay Thai and MMA since he was 9 years old. He started competing in Chinese Kickboxing Tournaments when he was 16 years old, and transitioned into Muay Thai shortly after. He now focuses his time on grappling for MMA and Self-Defence and all things Mobility. If you have an MMA background or are a fighter of any kind then Regan is able to tailor a suitable BLACKROLL® routine, training or even workshop for you. 

Nathalie Joachim (Marketing / Certified Trainer)

Nathalie is a former ski racer from Germany who has moved to Australia to pursue her passion for windsurfing and surfing. She is a certified ski, snowboard and windsurf instructor who, with BLACKROLL® , found the perfect tools to accompany her favourite action sports and to prevent injuries. 

Holding a Honours Degree in e-Business / Marketing she heads the marketing department of Sea to Summit Pty Ltd, a company that imports 30 sport brands to Australia. Balancing a busy office job with all her sports, Nathalie is passionate about educating people on the importance of activation, functional training and recovery.

Ian Wee (Clinical Advisor)

Ian is a clinical expert in the field of Sports Medicine, Clinical Neurophysiology and in the sport of Cycling, Triathlon and Swimming.

Besides his role as Managing director of the Perth Integrated Health Group of companies, Ian also holds several other responsibilities like Director – Sports Medicine Australia, Chairman – Marketing & Membership Committee  - WA Association of Occupational Therapists to name just a few. However he makes sure that he also works actively as a physio in his clinics on a regular basis and of course finds some time to spend on his bike, running or swimming.