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Add Vibration Technology to your BLACKROLL® and boost your fascia training to the next level

The BOOSTER is a vibrating core, designed to fit in the BLACKROLL® foam roller and boost its effectiveness. The BLACKROLL® BOOSTER has a wide range of vibration levels and is easy to operate with only two buttons. The Vibra Motion Technology of the BOOSTER upgrades your classic BLACKROLL®. The core fits in any BLACKROLL® 30cm of length. It offers an even greater variety of massage options; tensions are targeted and released. The surrounding tissue is stimulated as well, targeting knots and their myofascial proximities. A stronger distribution of water throughout the fascia contributes to better release and faster recovery and the vibration even takes away some of the rolling pain. The pain receptors get „confused“ by the vibration, therefore a punctiform stress on a trigger point is felt as less painful.

  • Use in sports therapy - The BOOSTER can be used on its own for targeted vibration and pinpoint application (without the BLACKROLL®).
  • Use for stabilisation and rehabilitation exercises
  • Frequency range from 12-56Hz with precise, continuous intensity.
  • Developped and produced in Germany – ISO and TÜV certified
  • Lithium-ion battery, Mini USB-Port (matching USB chargers)

No matter which density or surface – combine any 30 cm-BLACKROLL® with the BOOSTER. 

Technical specifications

  • Input: 220-230V~, 50/60 Hz
  • Output power supply: 5V – 1000mA
  • Maximum power consumption: 45W
  • Battery: 3x S1P = 11,1V 2250 mAh

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Watch the video to learn everything about the amazing BOOSTER!


The BOOSTER in use with the DFB - German National Soccer Team - Die Mannschaft.

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