Research shows that rolling can improve physical and mental health at the same time. Simply roll yourself happy...

No kidding, below case study shows that training fascia can also have a positive impact on mental health:

Less pain, less stress, less dizziness and a better mental state was the result of simply rolling out the feet on a daily basis

An interesting study was performed by Christopher Gordon and Carmen Graf (et al.) - from the Centre of Integrative Therapy in Germany - who researched the relation between self massage of the plantar fascia (foot soles) and its effects on psycho-physiological states; the level of well-being, both physically and psychologically. 

In this research, 37 test persons were observed. They got assigned with the task to self massage their foot soles for three consecutive weeks on a daily base for a minimum of 10 minutes, with the BLACKROLL® MINI. 

The results were quite amazing. Besides the effects on physiological well being (less pain, less stiffness, less dizziness) it became significantly obvious that some people simply felt less sad, distressed and disheartened and they developed generally a more positive state of mind. This study became therefore a discussion point at the worldwide Fascia Congress  in Washington DC too.

More details on this research below in the "Myofascial self-help therapy with BLACKROLL® MINI" report.

BLACKROLL Mini Case Study

Mini Case Study 2