Meet Ned Hart - Professional big wave surfer from Western Australia

Meet Ned Hart - Professional big wave surfer from Western Australia

Ned hard Big wave surfer

Meet Ned Hard, a 17-year-old professional big wave surfer, raised in Dunsborough, Western Australia.

Fresh off his most recent strike mission to world renowned big wave spot Nazarè, Portugal, Ned's surfing knows no bounds as he eagerly anticipates his next surf mission.

Ned shares some insights on how he stays in form and is ready for every swell coming his way.

What type of training do you do?

Ned's training regimen revolves around movement foundation training, guided by Kahea Hart. Foundation training involves a series of exercises and movements that specifically target the posterior chain muscles, which include the muscles along the backside of the body, such as the back, glutes, and hamstrings.

Ned also combines this with Pilates-style exercises, forming the cornerstone of his fitness routine. While stretching plays a vital role, Ned places great emphasis on combining his favourite BLACKROLL® tools with Kahea's foundation work.

Although demanding, the rewards are immeasurable. Through consistency and persistence, Ned's body becomes finely tuned, allowing him to be confident and push the limits in the water.

Ned hard big wave surfer 

What Tool Does Ned Use During Training?

To enhance his strength and flexibility, Ned incorporates BLACKROLL® STANDARD foam roller before training to warm up the larger muscle groups and after to cool down and improve recovery time. As a strong believer in foundation training and body movement, the LOOP BAND SET provide both resistance and stretching capabilities becoming an essential tool in Ned's quest for optimal performance. With the bands, he hones his body's stability and targeted muscle groups, laying a solid foundation for his impressive surfing skills.

Neds favourite foam roller is: THE BLACKROLL® STANDARD

Neds Favourite training bands are: The BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND SET

How Does Ned Recover?

ned hart recovery

When it comes to recovery and injury prevention, Ned's go-to tool is the BLACKROLL® FASCIA GUN.

“My favourite tool is the BLACKROLL® Massage Gun. I tend to have a lot of heavy wipeouts and hold downs so I use it a lot if I’ve had a heavy session”.

With his unmatched commitment and intense wipeouts, Ned often experiences the toll it takes on his body, leaving certain areas prone to soreness and fatigue.

“My quads, back, upper arms, and occasionally calves bear the brunt of the intense sessions. That's where the FASCIA GUN comes in”. - It has becomes his trusted companion after a heavy session, soothing his muscles and promoting quicker recovery.

Ned's most used attachment is the Metal attachment, on LEVEl 2 designed for the most efficient recovery. “It's a routine that keeps me in the game”.


Ned Hart Massage Gun

As we journey alongside Ned Hard, the talented professional junior big wave surfer, it becomes clear that his success is the result of meticulous training, dedication, and the right tools.

The Massage Gun and Resistance Bands help him recover, strengthen, and maintain his body's resilience. Combined with the guidance of his experienced coach and a focus on foundation training, Ned's journey is one of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence. Watch out for this rising star as he continues to push the boundaries of big wave surfing.

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