BLACKROLL® Intro and Spring Offer

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This intro is a bit longer, but it takes a few words to introduce a major international brand, now available to SportsPower via ARL. Have a quick read when you get a chance...
We are excited to announce that BLACKROLL® has partnered with SportsPower as a preferred supplier and is now an ARL charge through account.
BLACK...WHO…?! You are asking.
Fair enough, keep reading and don’t stop. It is worth it…!
You might have not heard of BLACKROLL® and we might appear as many other suppliers knocking on your door at the moment with an array of foam rollers and similar items. But we are someone worth having a close look at. 
We are market leaders in Europe in the recovery segment (Made in Germany) and one of the most popular, long standing and celebrated brands in over 40 countries, BLACKROLL® are the innovative ones who have been behind the rise of foam rollers and fascia training tools all along. And we are now available to support SportsPower.
Many other brands have jumped on and ridden the waves we have created and actually did a great job in manufacturing similar products, establishing sales channels and coming up with good branding. We respect that and it has helped to put a focus on recovery and wellbeing.  
BUT - No one ever has matched us in quality, effect, value for money, sustainability, innovation, simplicity, scientific knowledge, creativity, excitement and dedication to our customers.


Today there is a lot of noise in this segment and therefore it is important to know who to turn to for standing out and to stay relevant.
In Australia we have been available for a while (since 2015), but we have never been pushing our retail arm. We were busy working with experts, athletes and establishing good partnerships with the communities that really need tools that are practicable and effective, rather than fancy looking and convenient. But as a brand we have evolved and expanded (our portfolio and our distribution strategy) and we can add real value to SportsPower going forward.
We have worked with ARL to become a preferred supplier and charge through account to give you the opportunity to offer your clients the products they deserve and can get excited about.
Don’t forget activation and recovery is needed in every sport and in every human life! So if you have the right tools you should be able to sell a BLACKROLL® product to every single person that enters your store, and we can help you with this! 


Highlight Products
At the forefront of our portfolio today is our newly released Fascia Massage Gun which is just awesome! 
No it is not just another massage gun, it really is something you can sell very easy as it leaves all the known competitor products behind and offers the best features you can get in 2022 at a price that is affordable and still offers a great margin. For anyone that currently stocks and sells Massage Guns (premium or value range), it really makes sense to look at ours, since you can feel and see the difference. Even if you have your shelves full of rollers and bands, still have a look at our Fascia Massage Gun, you won’t be disappointed! We would not have risked our brand reputation and release this tool in a saturated market if we would not be convinced that it is outstanding. And we are happy to help you mitigating risk - We know you will sell them and if not we will find a solution, guaranteed (more explanation here)!


And with our core range of foam rollers, trigger balls and resistance bands, BLACKROLL® can cover most of the gaps SportsPower is looking to fill at the moment in a very attractive way and even simplify things for you. Our products and packaging look sleek and professional and are also good for the environment.


We also have a recovery sleep range which is unique and innovative, so could be worth considering if you are after a point of difference.


If you are keen to work with us you can reach out to us directly for now, and we soon will have a representative in your area who can visit you in person.


We are keen to establish a good business relation that benefits both sides. So we are not here to hassle you or waste your time and we appreciate if you are like minded towards us.
Therefore don’t be shy in getting in touch with us if you are interested, if you have questions or concerns and also to tell us to go away if you have no interest at all.
We are of German heritage and appreciate a clear direction ;-)


To make an easy start...
...we have currently two offers for SP:
We offer of an additional 10% off the invoice if you spend $750 (wholesale*). On top of that we add the opportunity to receive free bonus items valued at RRP $713.18 if you spend $950 or more.
The suggested pre-filled order includes some of our popular bundles (box sets) which make up perfect Christmas Gifts. Of course you can also use the order form and make your selection from scratch
2. MASSAGE GUN ONLY offer (5 + 1 + 1 + POS + risk free offer):
If you are looking to start stocking the currently best specced and valued compact MASSAGE GUN available, then we offer a 5 + 1 deal on the FASCIA MASSAGE GUN  + If you opt for this before Nov 10, then we will also free supply an additional demo sample + counter POS for the unit (first order).
With this MASSAGE GUN OFFER we also include a right of return if you are not successful in selling this item. If you are not happy with the sell through, we guarantee that you can return your FASCIA GUNS for a full refund if they come back unused and in good order before January 31st 2023
The only condition for this is that you have to place the POS with the demo unit charged in a for customers accessible place and actively try to encourage customers (and staff) to try it out. In other words you have to properly attempt to sell them over the next 3 months. We have no doubt this will be successful as the feedback for our little gun is amazing.
Pay 5 get 6 + 1 demo unit and POS and right to return until January 31st
Above offers are valid for orders before or by Nov 10th 2022
Why BLACKROLL® can work for you?
  • No packs, order what you need.
  • Staff training & tester product available
  • $9.70 freight charge for orders below $180 value (above no freight charge)
  • Fascia Massage Gun (15hr battery, powerful, small & handy, the new benchmark in the market)
  • Strong brand marketing and great reputation amongst existing customers and brand partners
  • Unmatched sustainability and product quality while good value for money
  • Made in Germany
  • Stock and operations in Australia


Top BLACKROLL® products:
  1. Fascia Massage Gun
  2. Mini Foam Roller
  3. Ball 08
  4. Ball 12
  5. Duoball 08
  6. Duoball 12
  7. Standard Foam Roller
  8. Loop Band
  9. Multi Band
  10. Stretch Band
  11. Recovery Pillow
  12. BLACKBOX bundles
Store presentation example:
Get in touch:
BLACKROLL® Australia
p: +61 403 460 676
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