The official BLACKROLL® group fitness program is here!



BLACKROLL® MOVES is the first official BLACKROLL® Group Fitness Program. By combining gliding movements from fascia training programs with classic yoga and pilates moves, it provides a solid base for daily physical demands. The integrated BLACKROLL® Training enhances mobility for training and for everyday movements. A MOVES class also offers an intense cardio element with functional full body exercises to wake up and train the fascial and muscular system. A further essential part of the 60 minute workout is relaxation. A myofascial self-massage routine combined with a flowing sequence of stretches leads to new body awareness, to greater fitness and general wellbeing.

Trainers and Studios, have you ever thought about adding a "roll & release class" to your portfolio, then this education is perfect for you.

  • Improve mobility and joint flexibility through state-of-the-art fascia training.
  • Strengthen core muscles and deep muscle layers with functional full body exercises.
  • Improve cardio-vascular fitness with intense HIIT training.
  • Reduce stress and pain perception through self-massage with BLACKROLL® fascia training tools.
Advantages for Trainers
BLACKROLL® MOVES Certificate valid for two years  - refresher courses are available.
Receive pre-prepared 1-hour group training programs on an ongoing basis (12 per year). We have structured over 120 different exercises into 1-hour programs with many more to come. Upon completion of the MOVES Education you will be able to access and utilise these programs including explanatory videos to prepare your classes. There are 3 levels of difficulty for all exercises so that you are able to offer the right challenge for all participants to keep them engaged and motivated. Receive a BLACKROLL® Moves trainer-certification and comprehensive marketing package to advertise your classes professionally.
7 CEC Points Available
For a Personal trainer business, gym or a studio to be able to offer branded BLACKROLL MOVES classes the following requirements need to be met:
  • The instructor needs to hold a valid BLACKROLL MOVES Trainer Certificate
  • BLACKROLL provided programs need to be utilised
  • BLACKROLL equipment need to be utilised
If these critera are met, upon request BLACKROLL will provide promotional material to advertise the classes as well as general support and your business will be added to the BLACKROLL MOVES registry.  Note:The registration fee for the trainer to attend the education are the only cost involved. There are no additional franchise fees for studios or gyms who would like to run BLACKROLL MOVES classes. As long as there is a Certified Trainer running the classes and the above points are met, then a business can offer BLACKROLL MOVES classes.