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BLACKROLL® MOVES - The official BLACKROLL® group fitness program


BLACKROLL® MOVES is the first official BLACKROLL® Group Fitness Program. By combining gliding movements from fascia training programs with classic yoga and pilates moves, it provides a solid base for your daily physical demands. The integrated BLACKROLL® Training enhances your mobility for your training and for everyday movements.

Additionally, the training offers an intense cardio element with functional full body exercises. An essential part of these 60 minute workouts is relaxation. The myofascial self-massage with a flowing sequence of stretches leads to new body awareness, to greater fitness and harmony.

  • You will improve your mobility and joint flexibility through state-of-the-art fascia training.
  • You will strengthen your core muscles and your deep muscle layers with functional full body exercises.
  • You will improve your cardio-vascular fitness with intense HIIT training.
  • You will reduce stress and pain perception through self-massage with the BLACKROLL®.


A complete year of prepared 1-hour trainings with 120 different exercises.
You will receive four new structured training instructions with explanatory videos and texts.
There are 3 levels of difficulty for all exercises so that you are able to offer the right challenge for all participants to keep them engaged and motivated.
Official studio- and trainer-certification.
Comprehensive marketing package to advertise your courses professionally.