Team Training

Our BLACKROLL Team Training is available to sports clubs and schools.

Follow the examples of Perth Glory FC or Melbourne Victory FC and receive together with your team mates a tailored BLACKROLL Training package that can make a real difference.

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Why BLACKROLL Training?

- Increase endurance and strength of your muscular system for better performance
- Increase mobility and flexibility for better technique and injury prevention
- Increase stability, coordination and speed for better skills.


About BLACKROLL Team Training

During our 60 minute Team Training we take you and your team mates through effective BLACKROLL activation and recovery methods relevant to your specific sport. The sessions are delivered by qualified BLACKROLL trainers. To back up the range of exercises we are also talking you through the basics of what we are actually doing from a sports medical point of view.

The understanding about the connective tissue fascia which our training is focusing on will ensure that you guys are going out of the training knowing why you roll, how to roll, when it makes sense to roll and what further training opportunities you have with your BLACKROLL products apart from rolling. 

There will be enough time for questions and to try all the different BLACKROLL tools.



The price for the session is $20 per person with a minimum of 10 people, this can be covered by the club or by the individual players.


How to organise:

Please enquire with us via 


or phone +61 403 460 676


Further Benefits

As part of the package, your club will have access to our club members program which means that after the training you have member access to the club product pricing structure throughout the whole BLACKROLL range.

Best suitable to the training is our BLACKROLL Trainer Bag which can be included in your package.



Who else is using BLACKROLL?

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