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BLACKROLL® Australia



The BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND (approx. 32 cm) is ideal for training smaller muscle chains. It helps to get better body statics and will reduce the risk of injuries.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable rubber bands – the new revolution is a skin-friendly textile interwoven with latex free natural rubber.

The BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND offers flexibility training without the unpleasant side effect of your skin being pulled thanks to the unique, patented skin friendly textiles employed.

The BAND offers all the advantages of a truly versatile, flexible training device for strength, power and mobility.

More durable and less likely to snap than common rubber bands.

Machine washable at 60°C

- Made in Germany -

Available as SET (3 bands) or as individual BAND


  •   Orange - light
  •   Green – medium
  •   Blue – strong

 Size: approx. 32 cm x 6 cm


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