The GOATs of CrossFit Use BLACKROLL® for Recovery

The GOATs of CrossFit Use BLACKROLL® for Recovery

What does BLACKROLL® have to do with CrossFit?

Lets start with what 'CrossFit' is... Cross fit is a form of high intensity interval training, made up of functional movement performed at a high intensity level.

When moving through functional movements at a high intensity, mobility is key to avoid injuries and increase longevity of the sport. 

Our international parter, GOWOD have been showcasing branded BLACKROLL® tools within their platform supporting some of the best athletes in the world like Mat Fraser, Justin Medeiros and Brooke Wells.

Their go to recovery tools? The GOWOD branded BLACKROLL® STANDARD and BLACKROLL® DUOBALL.

GOWOD is an app based personalised mobility program that stands for “Workout Of the Day” and is usually based on CrossFit requirements. GOWOD has been showcasing BLACKROLL® within the app, having over 780,000 users around the world including the fittest on earth CrossFit athletes.

The primary aim of the GOWOD mobility program is to enhance movement, increase wellness, and improve your overall lifestyle.

How to choose the right foam roller?

The foam roller is a great tool to release muscle tension, increase blood circulation, and help prepare the muscle for exercise or facilitate recovery. You have probably noticed that different types of rollers exist. Some have different densities and materials.

But which one do you use? What roller is ideal for your specific need?

Here is some information that can help you choose.


The density of the roller plays an important role in the effectiveness of a deep massage.

A soft roller may be more pleasant but less effective when it comes to deep muscle massage.
However, it can be a good compromise for people who are sensitive enough or who are new to self massage.

A roller that is too dense can be a little too unpleasant or painful to use. Pain can easily lead to muscle contraction, which can be counterproductive.

Medium (standard) density rollers BLACKROLL® STANDARD are a very good compromise. They are globally efficient while limiting the uncomfortable sensations that can reduce the efficiency of the massage.


The right size

Long rollers like the BLACKROLL® 45cm Standard Roller are very versatile and easily cover all body surfaces, especially the larger ones such as the back. They also have the advantage of being more stable in use.

However, they have the disadvantage of taking up a lot more space when stored, and are almost impossible to fit into a sports bag.

A shorter roller like the BLACKROLL® Standard is slightly less comfortable to use than a longer roller, but overcomes this problem by being very easy to handle, store and carry. 

The roller you see in the GOWOD training programs is the one we feel fits the vast majority of people the best.

"That's why we chose the Standard BLACKROLL® high quality, medium density roll and the BLACKROLL® Duoball for targeted release" - Team GOWOD

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 All photo credits by GOWOD.