Meet Ironman & Supermum Radka Kahlefeldt

Meet Ironman & Supermum Radka Kahlefeldt

Radka Kahlefeldt


We are excited to officially welcome Radka Kahlefeldt to the BLACKROLL family and help her keep inspiring others and assist in reaching her goals.

Our Media source, Noel McMahon caught up with Radka on her past challenges, achievements and present goals, as well as how BLACKROLL® fits into her training and recovery routine.

For toddler Ruby and new born Indi, she is just mum but to the athletic community, Czech born (adopted Aussie), ‘supermum’ Radka Kahlefeldt is a source of inspiration.

Dominating the world of IRONMAN 70.3 racing after switching from ITU racing, Radka took time away from competition to have her first child, with baby Ruby born in January 2018. To everyone’s surprise and envy, in March, Radka was back winning at the highest level.

“I was fortunate, my pregnancy was good and I could stay active. I did my last race when I was 11 weeks pregnant and returned to racing 11 weeks after giving birth, at 70.3 Davao in the Philippines. I only resumed running two weeks before the race, so that was tough, but I was surprised at how good I felt on the bike and in the swim.”

Like she had never stepped away from competition, Radka and baby Ruby (ably assisted by husband Brad) grabbed their passport and toured the globe picking up 14 wins and multiple podium finishes in 2018/19 before the all international competition came to a grinding halt in 2020 due to the global pandemic.

“I was coming off a full racing season and the goal for 2020 was to do a really good IRONMAN but unfortunately that didn’t happen because of COVID. Brad and I thought there is not going to be racing any time soon, so we decided to have a baby. Indiana Rose was born in March. 

With Ruby, Indi and Brad’s assistance, Radka is starting her familiar and amazingly rapid journey back to peak fitness with her goal (COVID willing) to return to racing in the second half of this year. 

“Ruby was no fuss at all as a baby and I have been really lucky that they are both good sleepers, good feeders, we are so lucky. When I was pregnant with Indi, Brad was planning how we could get back to training and I said ‘Wait, hang on. The next baby might not be like Ruby, it might be the complete opposite with sleepless nights and stress but we were lucky. When I tell friends how good Indy is they say, ‘Don’t tell any other mums because they won’t like you’.” 

“It has been more difficult but it is not because of my body. Yes, I am three years older but the body is still okay, it is more difficult mentally. Indi is a great baby and she is just chilled and easy but at three and a half Ruby is at the stage where she wants attention. So, every time I go out the door for training, she is questioning it or wants to go with me.”

“Brad and I really have to plan the day, so she is not missing out and she is happy, because I can’t train if she is not happy. We have to plan the day, so everyone is happy and we can fit everything in. So, time management is really even more important than before,” she said.

At 36, Radka said that on this trip back to fitness there has been a greater emphasis on rest and recovery programs guided by young Ruby.

“For a year after I had Ruby I didn’t have to do much stretching because with all the hormones and everything the body was so relaxed but it doesn’t work now with Indi. These days I feel everything much more I am tired, I am sore, I need all this recovery with lots of foam rolling and stretching. Recovery is now so important for me.”

“I had a set back with a sore back due to starting running too early after having Indi and I went to the physio and he said ‘Are you doing any foam rolling?’ I said, ‘No, but I definitely will be.’ It was one day after I got my first delivery from BLACKROLL® the foam rollers and massage balls, so it was really good timing. It was a nice reminder of how important it is. 

The BLACKROLL® products have been really good and they have really lovely designs and colours and everything. My older girl Ruby loves it as well and we have this routine. Some little girls want to play Barbies and stuff but Ruby asks me ‘Can we exercise?’ Both in the morning and in the evening. She loves it so we both are on the carpet doing something.”

“We have a really nice routine. We are either stretching for recovery or we use the Loop Bands and they are in multiple colours and she loves it and always decides which ones she uses and which ones I can use. It is a play for her but also exercise for me, which is great. It is also giving her a really healthy routine. Everything that Brad and I do, we are showing her that sport is something for fun and great to do all the time. She sees me on the treadmill and she is waiting saying ‘When you finish, I go’. So, after my treadmill I put her on and she says ‘I will run really fast’. She just loves it.”

Radka Kahlefeldt Winning

Radka is delighted to be a BLACKROLL® ambassador and can’t wait to take the products on the road when she starts back on the Australian IRONMAN 70.3 circuit in preparation for IRONMAN Western Australia in December.

“The BLACKROLL® product is so light and it will be easy to travel with. My previous excuse travelling to races was not to take a foam roller because it was too big but they have this little foam roller you could almost put it in your pocket, so there is no excuse. I also got the recovery pillow and it is just amazing. I sleep on it all the time now not just for recovery. You can roll it up so small and unroll it and have it with you in a hotel room anywhere you go. 

“Even Brad secretly steals the BLACKROLL® gear, but he has to wait his turn. I use it, Ruby uses it and he has to wait. He is third in line,” she laughed.

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We are very excited to have Radka on the team and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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