The BLACKROLL® Story in Australia's Number 1 Fitness Podcast

The BLACKROLL® Story in Australia's Number 1 Fitness Podcast
The Mind Muscle Project


The Mind Muscle Project - IN THE BLACK business podcast - featuring BLACKROLL® President Marius Keckeisen 

Recently The Mind Muscle Project, Australia's Go-To fitness podcast for gym owners, coaches and personal trainers chatted to Marius Keckeisen, the co-founder and President of BLACKROLL® AG. 

The podcast episode covers the product innovation and strategy behind BLACKROLL®s activation and recovery gear, as well as offering great insights into the growth story of BLACKROLL®.

Marius is passing on valuable learnings from his experience as co-founder, CEO and President of a modern, fast growing, multi million dollar business that values simple problem solving and a people centred, forward thinking business structure.

We have been working closely with The Mind Muscle Project (MMP) to spread education and tools to gyms, trainers and individuals in Australia to take their recovery and self care offerings to the next level. The Team from MMP have even set up a Giveaway for their listeners for a chance to win some BLACKROLL® gear. If you like you can enter too!!

Marius and the international BLACKROLL® team continue to push the limits and provide tools that solve a problem. You might see Marius windsurfing or traveling putting all of our products to the test, making sure they are the best they can be, before passing them onto you, our fellow rollers.

Listen to the podcast HERE