Learn More About The New Ultralight Recovery Blanket From BLACKROLL®

Learn More About The New Ultralight Recovery Blanket From BLACKROLL®

New Blackroll Recovery Blanket



What is Celliant®?

Celliant® is a revolutionary and patented technology that uses a blend of thermo-reactive minerals. These minerals are embedded in polyester fibres and in our case, used as a filling for the blanket.

How does Celliant® work?

The minerals embedded in the polyester fibres convert the body's natural heat into infrared energy. The infrared rays are reflected back into the tissues and muscles of the body.

As a result, local blood circulation is stimulated and oxygen levels in the cells are increased. The result, better recovery during sleep and improved performance in sports and everyday life.

Infrared Bed BlanketHow does Celliant® convert body heat into infrared heat?

Celliant® is a blend of non-hazardous, naturally occurring thermo-reactive minerals that are embedded in the fibre. 

These minerals in the textiles convert excess body heat into infrared heat and reflect it back to the body. The infrared energy returned to the body dilates the blood vessels, which allows more oxygen to flow through the body and promotes cell growth.

What do Celliant do?

(Source: Single Center Prospective Comparative Study to Evaluate the Performance of an Upper Torso Garment, Dr. Ian Gordon, Long Beach VA Memorial Hospital, Journal of Textile Science and Engineering, 2014).

How does Celliant® improve recovery during sleep?

When the body is relaxed, it is easier to fall asleep. When Celliant® is used in sleep products, it increases relaxation during sleep by helping you maintain a balanced body temperature. 

By absorbing body heat, converting it into infrared heat and returning it to the body, Celliant® helps your body regulate its temperature. A sleep study using Celliant® showed a 2.6% increase in sleep efficiency, as represented by the ratio of sleep time to time in bed. 

When you have a balanced body temperature, you tend to sleep longer and wake up less during sleep. The study also found that people who sleep with Celliant® products sleep 18.3 minutes longer per night.

(Source: Celliant Pilot Sleep Study, Dr Marcel Hungs & Dr Annabel Wang, University of California - Irvine Medical Center, 2010).

How does increased local circulation lead to better body temperature regulation?

A large part of our well-being depends on ideal body temperature. 

Celliant® fabrics and fillings help your body regulate its temperature - by cooling you when you sweat and by warming you when you are cold. This regulation is achieved by Celliant® absorbing body heat and returning it to the body as infrared heat. This leads to increased local circulation and improved oxygenation of the cells.

These two factors in turn play a key role when it comes to thermo-regulating your body.

Does my body temperature increase when I sleep under the blanket with Celliant® filling?

No. The return of infrared energy to the body acts as a heat regulator, helping to balance body temperature. When blood flow is increased, the body can warm-up or cool down more easily depending on the external environment.

How does Celliant® also work through different layers of fabric?

Body heat is absorbed by textiles and reflected back to the body, even through multiple layers of fabric. In the case of Celliant®, the minerals in the fibres still reflect infrared heat back to the body.

(Source: Infrared Radiative Properties and Thermal Modelling of Ceramic- Embedded Textile Fabrics, Biomedical Optics Express, 2017 Dr David Anderson, John Fessler, Matthew Pooley, Scott Seidel, Dr Michael R Hamblin, Haskell Beckham and Dr James F Brennan).

 What minerals are incorporated into the polyester fibres?

Celliant® is a proprietary blend of non-hazardous, naturally occurring minerals that are incorporated into the fibre. Some of these minerals are found in everyday things like sand, toothpaste and gemstones. 

The minerals Celliant® uses come from conflict-free and sustainable sources. Some of the minerals are:

  • Titanium dioxide: You know it as an ingredient in sunscreen or toothpaste. In Celliant it helps to absorb heat.
  • Silicium dioxide or silica: The fine quartz of this is the sand you know from the beach. It helps to absorb and reflect heat.
  • Alumina: Is the molecular basis for the corundum family of gemstones, such as rubies and sapphires. It helps to reflect energy.

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Do I need to treat the blanket different to my current one?

No. Celliant® is embedded in the core of the fibres so it will not wash out or wear out. 

The benefits of Celliant technology are therefore retained throughout the life of the fibre and the products do not require any special care. You can wash the blanket at up to 60°C in the washing machine and tumble dry. 

Do not spin the duvet too much when washing and dry it at a low temperature in the dryer. This will keep the cotton cover softer for longer.

How is Celliant® embedded in the core of the fibres?

The Celliant® mineral blend is fluidly embedded in a polyester sheath-core construction in the core of each fibre during fibre extrusion, firmly enclosed by the case. This means that the minerals remain in the core of the fibres and cannot be washed out. 

We have had our Ultralite Recovery Blanket and its effectiveness tested in a laboratory. A TCPO2 test and an Ash test were carried out. 

Read on to find out exactly what this means and what the test showed... 


TCPO2 Test

In the so-called TCPO2 test, the improvement of the oxygen supply to the tissues was tested. In order to achieve any benefits through the Celliant® technology, an oxygen increase of 7% must be reached. 

Our ULTRALITE blanket was able to achieve an improvement in oxygen supply by at least 8.84%. 

Ash Test

An Ash test measures the number of minerals in the blanket filling. As minerals are the cornerstone of Celliant technology, this is an important factor for its effectiveness. 

For this, a minimum of 0.5% of the total weight should be covered by the minerals. Our quilt has a mineral content of 0.7% in the test, proving it successful. 


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