Expert Opinions about Blackroll

Numerous German Experts are recommending Blackroll:


Dr. Peter Bornhäuser (internist and sports medicine specialist)

The Blackroll surprised me in an extremely positive way. I can recommend the products to sporty regeneration employees as well as to employees with painful muscle tension caused by prolonged sitting and bad posture. Blackroll offers a quick and easy way to release tension."


Dr. biol. hum. Robert Schleip (director, Fascia Research Project, University of Ulm)

"After a short testing with numerous patients, I am inspired by the simple Blackroll. The various application possibilities combined with the opportunity to moderate the pressure strength through appropriate relief techniques individually and gradually, allows a wide therapeutic spectrum for Blackroll products."


Prof. Dr. Stefan Grau (sports medicine, Tübingen)

"Recommendations for the prevention and treatment of muscle overuse symptoms, mainly include active measures such as muscle strengthening, coordination training and coordinative release of muscle tension. Blackroll covers most of these with one simple tool."