Volleyroo Alice De Innocentiis on a quest to turn silver into gold

Meet Alice De Innocents, a current member of the Australian Women’s Indoor Volleyball Team (The Volleyroos).

Alice De InnocentiisAlice De Innocentiis


To date Alice has more than 10 years of volleyball experience under her belt, having competed in different countries around the world including Italy, United Kingdom, and Australia with great success Recently she competed in the 2016 World Grand Prix as part of the Australian Women Volleyball Team that took her to play against world class teams such as Croatia, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Cuba and Mexico in Bendigo, Victoria first and then Cali, Colombia.

This 2016 upcoming season she's teaming up with the "Sydney Amazons Club" to compete in her 3rd AVL championship with only one goal in mind: being crowned 2016 Australian Champion.

She sends "a special thanks to BLACKROLL Australia for the fantastic support during this journey to turn the previously won silver into GOLD!"


All the Best Alice and Team!