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BLACKROLL® Certified Trainer Education

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The BLACKROLL® Certified Trainer Education is here!

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This certified course is aimed at health and fitness professionals: sports medicine, fitness instructors, personal trainers, pilates instructors, yogis, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, osteopaths, pilates instructors or yogis. Our education program caters for ambitious individuals who are passionate about health and want to stay on top of their game.

The focus of the training is on myofascial structures in the body,  taking a holistic approach, and building on functional training essentials. Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll become a certified BLACKROLL® trainer, able to provide seminars and group classes for your clients and patients (Fitness Australia CEC points available).

If you’re interested in becoming a certified BLACKROLL® trainer, please sign up below and we’ll keep you posted on forthcoming course dates.

About the Trainer Education

The course is a unique education program that offers deep insights into the latest developments in the area of mobility, both in recovery and functional training. The focus of the training is on a holistic assessment and approach to the myofascial structures in the body and builds upon functional training essentials.

We’ll be bringing together a variety of players in the health and (performance) sports sectors to nurture hybrid knowledge and cross-learning. We believe that by connecting and sharing your experiences in your chosen fields you will become more aware of the importance of injury prevention and self-healing through controlled and intelligent movement patterns.

The BLACKROLL® Education was developed by Dr. Lutz Graumann (MD, Ph.D., founder of Performance & Health Institute) in collaboration with Marcel Andrä (Exercise Physiology) and based on advanced movement patterning, scientific and medical research. 

The program consists of the following essential functional training elements:

  • Balance + breathing
  • Dynamic mobilisation (DYNAMO)
  • Patterning of movement
  • Stability + strength
  • Plyometrics
  • Recovery (rollout | SMR: self-myofascial release)
  • Group training concept

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