Foam rollers: The low down

Foam rollers: The low down

Ever heard of the fascia?

Chances are, if you’re not into fitness or physiology, this connective tissue remains a mystery.

The fascia is essentially the body’s ‘scaffolding’, a soft web of tissue that provides support from the muscular surface right through to the skeleton. Like most things, the fascia needs lubrication to move well, or it becomes restricted and can cause all kinds of pain.

So, not only do we need to drink plenty of water, but also make sure that water reaches every corner of the fascia by moving and rolling our bodies. And a very effective way to do that is – you guessed it – foam rolling.

Using a foam roller can help release that tightness, minimise strain and prevent a plethora of injuries. It’s a simple tool, but it has the potential to transform your routine and provide a life unrestricted by muscular pain.

What exactly are the benefits of a foam roller?

Loyalists have sworn by foam rolling for years, and the practice has witnessed a recent surge in popularity. Consistent exercise with foam rollers can provide muscular benefits across three main categories: mobility, performance, and regeneration.

Using a foam roller pre-workout has been shown to assist with injury prevention and joint range of motion, which is a core component of mobility along with strength and motor control.

In terms of performance, a foam roller is ideal for applications across the therapeutic spectrum, including mobility, movement, preparation and functional training. Best of all, like dynamic stretching, foam rolling comes with no detriment to immediate performance or high speed strength and quickness.

Finally, recovery. Foam rollers stimulate regeneration, helping to restore the muscles after an athletic-induced strain and alleviating that muscular ache – now also referred to as a fascia ache. Reducing soreness and fatigue while minimising recovery time means you can train longer, harder, and more often.

Using a quality foam roller like BLACKROLL® can also help counteract damage from a poor posture, and realign incorrect loads.

There’s a lot to gain – and it only takes 30 seconds to a minute of use.

If you need inspiration for exercises and techniques, we have plenty available here.

How do I choose the best foam roller?

Not all foam rollers are created equal. They vary by density, shape, size, and build quality.

A medium density foam roller like the BLACKROLL® STANDARD is a good place to start. Easy to incorporate into any fitness and rehabilitation routine, these provide a standard level of density and are recommended for most people.

For professional athletes or those who require a more intensive application, a hard foam roller like the BLACKROLL® PRO offers extreme resistance, with the potential to reach deeper fascia layers. The PRO is 50% harder than the STANDARD roller.

Need a more portable solution? Ideal for travel, outdoor training sessions and those who exercise on the go, small foam rollers like the BLACKROLL® SLIM or the ultra-compact BLACKROLL® MINI can be your constant companion and a convenient source of rejuvenating massage.

For increased activation and fascia stimulation, the BLACKROLL® GROOVE offers a slight vibration effect when rolling, digging into the tissue at various points to stimulate nerve endings. This can be beneficial for motion, motor control, proprioception and coordination, making it an ideal exercise before sports and training.

As pioneers of foam rollers and fascia training products, BLACKROLL® has become an iconic name in the industry.

Entirely recyclable with no added chemicals, the BLACKROLL® foam roller range is developed and engineered in Germany to an unsurpassed level of quality.

Endorsed by top tier athletes and health professionals alike, BLACKROLL® offers a selection of foam rollers designed to enhance your fitness regime – no matter the level.

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