Sports Australia Hall of Fame partnering with BLACKROLL® Australia

Sports Australia Hall of Fame partnering with BLACKROLL® Australia
Sports Australia Hall Of Fame (SAHOF)
Sports Australia Hall of Fame are partnering with BLACKROLL® Australia to ensure best practice recovery for young elite athletes.
We are excited to be entering a new partnership with Sport Australia Hall of Fame (SAHOF) as the official SAHOF Scholarship & Mentoring Program recovery equipment provider.
In this capacity BLACKROLL® Australia will be able to support the very best young Australian talent across a wide range of sports disciplines to achieve their best possible recovery and peak performance.
Besides making sure the young athletes have access to premium recovery equipment, we will also actively contribute to building a sound understanding of the various recovery and self-care methods that can make all the difference throughout their sporting careers.
Scholarship holders will be able to immerse themselves into our various education programs and not only learn how to best take care of themselves and maximise their performance in sports, but they will also learn how to share this knowledge and how to educate others.
In 2020, the Sport Australia Hall of Fame expanded the Program from five Scholarship per year to a three-tiered, 32-Scholarship Program that’s open to all elite junior Australian athletes between the ages of 15–21. Learn more about the program here:
The new Scholars for 2022 have just been announced by SAHOF and they will be the first eligible to benefit from this new partnership
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