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Fascia Training Tools Australia – BLACKROLL® Australia

Not Just Foam Rollers

BLACKROLL® offers a new experience in functional and fascia training, delivering unsurpassed quality through German engineering & long-lasting polypropylene products. 

Our foam rollers, massage balls, and Self Myofascial Release (SMR) tools and equipment help you get the best results for myofascial release & functional training.

How is BLACKROLL® different from foam rollers?

We sell fascia training tools, not foam rollers. BLACKROLL® stands for fascial training which is more than just foam rolling. “Foam rolling” is a word introduced by the retail industry who started manufacturing rollers made from foam which is less effective for myofascial treatment as they were designed without appreciation or knowledge of fascia.

Our products are actually different (and made of different materials) than most foam rollers. Our tools are not made of foam but of a high quality, durable polypropylene (PP5) material, which has been developed to safely and effectively remove pain and treat your fascia.

In addition to our BLACKROLL® rollers, we have other fascial training tools that are trusted by health professionals worldwide to relieve pain and improve your body’s health.

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What is fascial training/foam rolling?

Foam roller exercise

Fascial training incorporates what is known as Self-myofascial treatment (SMT), a technique that uses fascial training tools such as rollers to “roll” the connective tissue or fascia of the body. Rolling isn’t just for top athletes; anyone can benefit from foam rolling. Fascial training boosts the performance of exercise and training for all sports, as well as yoga and pilates.


Whether you’re the average person or an Olympic athlete, fascial training and rolling treatment enhances the health of your fascia to strengthen and balance your muscles and joints. SMT also encourages a healthier, smoother, more flexible, stronger, bouncier fascia that is hydrated and well supplied with essential nutrients.

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Roller exercises

Self-myofascial Treatment (SMT)

SMT exercises help you increase mobility, boost flexibility, enhance muscle recovery, and improve injury prevention and treatment.

Functional training

Functional training exercises and techniques will help improve your core, pelvic and shoulder girdle strength, as well as better coordination and balance.

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Benefits of using fascia training tools

  • Dramatically boost mobility, flexibility, athletic performance, and fitness
  • Improve proprioception, coordination, skills and functional strength
  • Prevent injuries, pain & muscle strain due to overuse
  • Decrease muscle damage, reduce chronic pain
  • Regain movement without pain
  • Increase blood circulation and help regenerate muscle tissue for faster recovery
  • Stimulate the skin, improve circulation, and reduce cellulite

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Why choose BLACKROLL®?

  • Developed by experts to treat and improve fascia
  • Free of propellants & added chemicals
  • 100% recyclable
  • Made of stable, high-quality polypropylene (PP5)
  • energy efficient production
  • Winner of the German Physio Prize “product with the greatest range of benefits for its users”
  • Endorsed by health professionals and athletes worldwide
  • Trusted by Physios for trigger point therapy, massage, and myofascial release

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What the experts say

“I’m thrilled by the large variety of applications with BLACKROLL®. The (ability) to moderate the pressure by using different techniques… allows us a wide range of therapeutic uses. Detailed testing with patients show excellent results…” - Dr. Robert Schleip, Biol. Hum., director, Fascia Research Project, University of Ulm

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